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Becoming an Agent

Working with you, not against you.

There are a variety of ways in how we could work with you and we are flexible.

Whatever you need, we're more than happy to accommodate to ensure your clients receive amazing service and benefit from powerful technology.

Agency partnership is meant to increase sales but if managed poorly, it will chase off customers and providing a very disadvantage stage in servicing area mainly due to poor communication. Poor communication could exist between the customer and the agent or the agent with us. Therefore, joining us as an agent, you or your firm must have the right knowledge and experience in serving your customers especially if you or your firm is managing your customers without the involvement of ours. This is primarily vital at the stage of designing phase. Hence, if you do not have equivalent qualifications or professional certificates in related fields, we recommend you to start as an affiliate or reseller.

A user manual is accessible after signing in for a complete description and discussion of our system.

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