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Along with Malaysia recently launced five-year strategic development plan, the Eleventh Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020, which applies Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks to draw up high-impact, low-cost national strategies, the team has come up with offers and grants with mission to help companies use technology to start-up or expand businesses. All offers are valid for customisation products only. Our offers are categorised as below:

  1. Grant Websites: Companies who are established within two years are eligible to apply for a 100% full grant on building a customisation website which comes with a customisation CMS (Content Management System). Alternatively, a minimum of 50% grant on building web system/ desktop software/ mobile app. Grant amount will depend on the complexity and prospect of the built product.

  2. Grant Systems: Any companies are eligible to apply for a 50% grant on building web system/ desktop software/ mobile app. Priority will be given to companies who exercise Blue Ocean Strategy or global born companies.

  3. Grant Solutions: Only non-profit organisation is eligible to apply for this full grant on building any IT solutions.

Foreign companies are welcome to apply as well. However, priority will be given to Malaysia registered companies.